The Blind Owl With Starry Constellations In His Eyes

November 18, 2014


This handsome little devil is Zeus, a blind Western Screech Owl that lives at the Wildlife Learning Center in Symlar, California. That's only 30 minutes away, so I'm going to go visit him. We will become best friends, and live happily ever after in the highest tower of the castle where I work on my magic in secrecy.

As for the galaxy-like formations in Zeus's eyes, they're likely vitreous strands. Eyes are filled with a jelly-like substance called vitreous, which often has strands and clumps of collagen floating around it (a.k.a. 'floaters'). Also, Zeus doesn't appear to have an iris or lens.

Zeus was found after flying into a southern California home's window due to his blindness. PROTIP: Flying blind, never a good idea. One time I flew blind at the bar without a wingman and wound up going home with one of the girls from the band. "That sounds awesome, why are you complaining?" HANSON.

Keep going for a couple more shots of my new magical companion.




Thanks to PK, who agrees every great wizard needs a cool-looking owl to sit on their shoulder and whisper dirty jokes in their ear.

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