That's Too Fast: Guy Does 207MPH On A Jet Bicycle

November 12, 2014


Cool, but I want to know more about your friend with the knight's helmet and moon boots on.

This is a video of death wisher François Gissy breaking the world record for fastest speed you should definitely never travel on a bicycle, at 207MPH. For reference, that's about 190MPH faster than I feel safe going on a bike, and 150MPH faster than I can drive my car before it starts rattling itself apart. No lie, not too long ago one of my wheels came off and passed me on the interstate. It proved to be a day ruiner.

Keep going for the video, then go check Hedonistica for more. Just go, I'm getting tired of telling you.

Thanks to joejoe and Viler, who agree the Grim Reaper can easily fly faster than 207MPH.

  • adfasdfadfs

    I too wish to know the tale of moonknight

  • Jonny Campbell

    But how does he keep up with the pedalling?

  • adfasdfadfs

    its like wearing power armor. gotta relax your muscles and let the bike do the work

  • TheQiwiMan

    Sporting the ol' Michael Bolton late-90's look I see..
    "I'm not gunna let the fact that I'm going bald deter me from growing a long flowing luxurious mane!"

  • Dani

    Is this a bicycle or a rocket with wheels?

  • MustacheHam

    It's a time machine, my friend.

  • GeneralDisorder

    "It can do two things! Why shouldn't it?" --Prof Farnsworth, Futurama (episode where Leela meets her parents)

  • Jenness

    World's fastest motorcycle rider brought to you by Depends, because it's cool to crap your pants now.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The bicycle/jetbike is nicknamed the spine crusher.

    It can reach its top speed in less than the time it takes for the F430 Scuderia to hit 60 MPH. It's more or less a top-fuel dragster but more terrifying and quieter.

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