Take All My $1's: The Unofficial LEGO Strip Club Set

November 21, 2014


This is the LEGO strip club set being sold by Citizen Brick. It costs $275 *spit-take* and includes over 80 custom printed elements including hologram foil stamped mirrors and 4 stripper minifigs. Plus it has some LED lighting to give it that authentic nudie bar feel. Still, $275? That' a little out of my LEGO strip club budget. Which is why I just built my own out of bricks I already had. Sadly, my mom smashed it to pieces when she found out what it really was (I had told her it was a rec center).

Keep going for several closeups (no nips, sorry).





Thanks to Joe, who agrees the clear heels on the lady strippers were a nice touch.

  • sizzlepants

    At first glance I thought this was a Hotline Miami set. Now I'm disappointed.

  • shashi

    "Clear heels! Ooh girl, you disgustin'..." http://youtu.be/rWiiZqH9gGI

  • supr squirrel

    The first picture sure looks a lot like Nick Offerman.

  • shashi

    LOL yes, i was gonna say Seth Galifianakis. You win again Squirrel

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