Sony Playstation And Sega Genesis Console Transformers

November 4, 2014


These are the Sony Playstation And Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Transformers coming soon from TakaraTomy. The Playstation transforms into Optimus Prime, and the Mega Drive into Megatron. They're both scheduled for release early next year and retail for around $100 apiece. That's a little pricey for something that doesn't actually play games, but they do both look amazing. Props to the engineers who design these things, I don't know how they do it. I remember when I was a kid I couldn't even get any of my Transformers to transform without accidentally tearing their arms and legs off then crying about it to my mom.

Megatron after the jump.


Thanks to me, for being mature enough to admit I probably left the Autobots at a disadvantage in their fight against the Decepticons after tearing all their arms and legs off on accident. And to the Guest in the comments who CLAIMS he sent them to me, although I have my doubts.

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