Russian Roulette With A Razor-Blade Toothed Croc Toy

November 6, 2014


This is a video of two Japanese thrill-seekers playing a game of Crocodile Dentist in which they've attached a bunch of razor blades to the top of the croc's mouth. Looks like fun. I'm kidding, it looks terrifying. I sliced my thumb open to the bone on a broken glass a couple weeks ago and that thing bled for days. Hell, it could still be bleeding for all I know. "Maybe take the trashbag off your arm and look at it." I'm too scared, it's started to smell.

Keep going for the video. First bite at 2:00, second one at the end.

Thanks to Harless, who played real Russian Roulette with a Nerf gun and now only has 30% hearing on the left side.

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