Cutting A Rug: Ronan Accepts Star-Lord's Dance-Off Challenge In This Guardians Of The Galaxy Outtake

November 20, 2014


To remind everyone that that the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the movie is just around the corner (December 9th), Disney just released this outtake from Guardians of the Galaxy in which Ronan accepts Star-Lord's challenge to a dance-off, with Gamora and Drax The Destroyer even getting in on the action. Impressive, but nothing compared to my dance moves. I haven't won the Intergalactic Dance Competition three years in a row for no reason. There was a very good reason -- I pleasured all the judges. And some of those alien judges, man -- tons of penises.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Levin, who agrees performing the running man probably isn't going to win you any dance competitions.

  • Vlad

    Love this video, I secretly wanted to see this scene in theaters.

  • Ashley Moran

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  • Proteon

    GW why the fuck don't you remove these comments? They represent as much as 10% of your overall "discussions" here. Does nobody on your end read them or are you actually sponsoring them. for fuck sake?

  • shashi

    GW no longer exists, the spambots have taken over and will crush anyone who opposes them. I for one believe GW was always a spambot in disguise but they said i was crazy, paranoid from all the mind altering substances i consume "How could GW be a spambot? Surely someone would have leaked the story!" Well have you ever seen GW in the same room as a spambot? Huh? HAVE YOU?

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