Prepare To Pillage!: Viking Longboat Conference Table

November 3, 2014


This is a Viking longboat inspired conference table. That's really all the information I have except those chairs look like they suck but I would still love to sit at the head or tail of that thing yelling at the rest of my coworkers. AND WE'RE GOING TO BURN OUR COMPETITION TO THE GROUND, DO YOU HEAR ME?! WHEN WE'RE FINISHED WITH THEM THERE WON'T BE ANYTHING LEFT BUT F***ING ASHES. AND WE WILL SNORT THOSE ASHES TO ABSORB THEIR POWERS -- NOW WHO'S WITH ME?! "This was supposed to be a meeting about the new printers we're ordering." I hate you all and I want to quit.

Thanks to yellow_dot, whose email was almost lost amidst all the Halloween weekend boner pill spam I received. No I don't want to bang a ghost!

  • Synthstatic

    Let me guess. Mergers and acquisitions?

  • TalonDesigns

    It's a 3D render..

    More concept art of the above...

  • TalonDesigns

    Also -

    Does anyone find it strange that the seat backs are missing a horizontal bar?
    And that they seem to be missing different ones?

    Long side 1 (far) - missing from mid back area
    Long side 2 (near) - missing from the head rest area

    Also - why would there be a horse head at both ends of the table? Shouldn't one be a "spirally thing" or something else?

    Well, since it's a 3D render, I suppose there is room for errors like this, but I would tend to think that after you spend that much time on something, you would at least want to check for things like that.

  • evilares

    That's the coolest f'n table set I've ever seen.

  • Guest

    I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance

  • Proteon

    You feel like you submitted this to Reddit

  • Ollie Williams

    Yeah, those chairs look horribly uncomfortable.

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