PianoArc, The Keyboard That Surrounds You In A Circle

November 13, 2014


This is the PianoArc, invented by Lady Gaga's keyboardist, Brockett Parsons. It consists of three 88-note USB MIDI keyboards arranged in a 6-foot circle around the musician. Obviously, the design was inspired by that fat blue alien from Star Wars (Max Rebo, aka Siiruulian Phantele for your hardcore f***ers out there) who plays the semi-circular nalagron (aka the Red Ball Jett keyboard). I'm kidding, I don't know if was inspired by that or not, I'm just ASSUMING because I'm 100% right. Plus, as you'll see in one of the videos I posted after the jump, it's plenty big enough for two people to get in and play back-to-back while simultaneously rubbing butts. Man, love rubbing butts. But you know what I love rubbing even more than butts though? "Wieners?" No. "Boobs?" Magic lamps.

Keep going for a couple videos, one of a couple people playing, another of Brocket talking about the thing.

Thanks to Gary G, who just invented a keyboard in the shape of a spiral that rotates around you while you play. Just kidding, I invented it but I'm letting him have all the credit because it's not really a good idea.

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