Oh Wow: Blood Sport Immersive Gaming System Takes Some Blood Whenever You Get Shot In-Game

November 21, 2014


This is the Kickstarter for Blood Sport, an immersive gaming system that takes some of your blood intravenously whenever you get shot in-game. Blood Sport is being developed with the hope they can eventually organize gamer blood-drives, where everybody gets together to game for a good cause. Basically, the system works by rerouting the signal that would make a controller's rumble-pack rumble to turn on a blood collection machine instead. But what if my controller is rumbling even though I didn't get shot? Maybe I'm just crossing some rough terrain! Unfortunately, I've never been able to give blood before because I'm a passer-outer, but I would be willing to give this a go. Maybe it'll take my mind off what's happening long enough to make a worthwhile donation. But please -- be ready to yank the cord on the XBox before it sucks me dry.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Taran, one of the creators of the project. Wow, and to think all this time I've just been stabbing my opponent whenever I lose and soaking up their blood with an old t-shirt.

  • EdgarAllenPwn

    There's already an over-abundance of donated blood in the country, there's no real need for an invention that gets even more people to donate their blood when the companies that run these blood drives have to literally throw blood away they get so much.

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    In no way is this a good idea.

  • Mister Cerberus

    Okay, I understand the want for real world physical consequences to taking damage in the game as added stakes. But I think jumping straight from 'Rumble pak' to 'draining you of vital fluids' is skipping a few stages.

  • AGirlNamedMichael

    This is the dumbest, most idiotic thing I have ever seen in the whole of my life, and I was a cop.

  • Ollie Williams

    Are you really a girl named Michael?

  • MustacheHam

    This is bloody creative. :D

  • BiggyD!!!

    Most gamers, after a particularly intense session, have enough trouble restraining themselves from throwing their controller at the wall. I can see this as a great way to painfully rip a needle out of your arm when you rage flail.

  • grimbldoo

    That would be a pretty interesting way to hold a tournament; you reach the blood cap, and you're out of the game.

  • bigDaddy

    Oh yeah, I can definitely see how this is a well thought out, marketable, good idea. #bloodysarcasm

  • Archer

    I can't wait for all the gamers to start dying of exsanguination. I can already see the headlines. "Gamer dies of bloodloss after marathon session of Call of Duty"

  • Jeremy Tilton

    What's even more messed up with this is if it is an auto-respawn fps. After the gamer has passed out, his afk avatar will keep getting shot, pulling even more blood.

  • TheOtakuX

    I'm sure it would have some sort of limit, and not just keep draining blood until a person was unconscious

  • shashi

    Nice word, exsanguination. Disappointed i didnt learn it when i read about VetiGel

  • shashi

    Also can someone please send the VetiGel tip to GW. Im still pissed at him/her for being so awesome and imaginary "Not as imaginary as your love life" Thats a low blow! "Ha funny, i would have called it self flagellation"

  • this is for real niggas only cuz real niggas drank blood

  • adfasdfadfs

    nah, vampires are pale and white. black monsters would be more some kind of beastman
    ... did you mean nagas?

  • this is true, the media really doesn't portray any black vampires...

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