Nickelodeon & Toyota Team Up For A SpongeBob Minivan

November 21, 2014


To promote the upcoming 2015 release of the SpongeBob movie, Nickelodeon and Toyota teamed up to build this SpongeBob themed Toyota Sienna. The minivan is currently on display at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, which I will be attending dressed as a mysterious man with beard and mustache so I can steal a Ferrari and drive it out of the building. Amazingly, Toyota actually agreed to let me take this SpongeBobmobile for a spin. "And?" It's gone now. "You drove it into the ocean." I mean, they never explicitly said it WASN'T a submarine. That's their bad, and I'd appreciate it if they got their stupid lawyers to stop contacting me.

Keep going for several more shots including the exterior (with removable eyeballs so you can see out the windshield), and character-colored seating.





Thanks to me, for contacting Toyota and begging them to let me drive this thing to the movie opening night. Come on, my friends will think I'm so cool!

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