Uh-Oh: Mother Finds Demonic Image In Children's Toy

November 12, 2014


This is a video news report about the ages 3 and up 'Evil Stick' toy bought at a dollar store in Dayton, Ohio (where my brother was born). It looks like a magic fairy princess wand but when you push the button it laughs manically and a light flashes behind the foil star top, revealing a picture of a demonic woman cutting herself with a knife. Obviously, not the toy you want your 3-year old daughter playing with. Your 16-year old son, sure, but you will have to have the "We know you're a gay warlock" talk with him eventually.

Keep going for a local video news report which includes the store owner insisting it would make a fine toy for kids over 5 and that he will continue selling them (which means I need somebody in Dayton to get over there and buy them all so we can sell them on eBay for a fortune).

Thanks to Nathan, who wants to visit the toy factory where these things are made and ask some questions. Me? I want to lay on one of the conveyor belts and be made into a teddy bear.

  • Zan Galvez

    They made this look innocent on purpose with the pink colouring and pictures of princesses and all that shit. The only reason it's called evil stick is to avoid lawsuits. This shit's labeled 3 and up, that's fucked.

  • Bad Habit

    Now you know why it only costs a dollar.

  • Scott Hart

    Actually, I think it's a funny toy, but what weird mind came up with such a thing to actually produce and market? What else have they made? Not sure I would want a 3-y-o- daughter [playing with it, tough. From the picture here, my 9-y-o- boy thought it was a boy playing a violin.

  • Scott Hart

    Did they only charge a dollar for your mother to give birth to your brother there?

  • Sitama

    The Evilstick name is easy to overlook I imagine, especially if you're in a rush and just want to grab some gifts for the kid. Awkward fancy writing up against a bunch of friendly, cute designs on the packaging and a stolen Anime character; plus the toy itself looks friendly enough.
    Even if it 'is fine for living up to its name', it shouldn't even be there in the first place. The advertising doesn't make it clear enough what it is, and is false advertising too due to the packaging claiming things it doesn't do (music? it only does laughter noises)
    I love dark, creepy toys. I really do! But this just isn't right. It's possibly a horrible error due to something lost in translation, but there should have been someone checking on that.

  • Jenness

    The parent was totally right. You guys must have not watched the video.

    First, it was in the kids section next to the Barbies.

    2nd, it said "EvilStick" but in a hard-to-read purple cursive right next to easier to read words "Plays wonderful music". That is a lie, it plays no music - just scary laughter.

    3rd, you don't see the evil demon child bloodily committing suicide by cutting her wrist at all. That is covered up with pretty shiny mirror foil. So in the package it is just a plain wand with a mirror that 'plays wonderful music'.

    You would have no idea of what is under the mirror foil or that there is only scary laughter and no music until you get home and your children get possessed by the devil.

  • shashi

    Cant help but recount the tale of 'the boy who cried wolf'. He called every real and imaginary animal he saw a wolf and ran around screaming wolf so the villagers had him gagged, bound, tarred, feathered, hung, drawn and quartered. The village population was later eaten by wolves that were attracted by the boys entrails and had developed a taste for humans.

  • Clampity

    Look at this photograph
    Every time I do it makes me laugh

  • Kg3

    Here is the question that NO ONE has asked. Is this Evilstick being marketed by Monster Energy drink in their campaign to spread evil in the world (at least according to this wack-job). We should all send her a link so she will build it into her elaborate conspiracy theory.


  • Izy Betancourt

    That is So not Cardcapture Sakura's wand,
    I'm more upset about the fact that the packaging has a picture of Sakura on it.

  • MustacheHam

    There are two funny things about this:
    1.) The mother neglected to look at the toy properly and is blaming the store for her poor choice.
    2.) Her daughter is underage for this toy.

  • TheOtakuX

    To be fair, in the store, you wouldn't see the picture. It would have to be dark for the toy's internal light to reveal the picture through the foil, unless you peeled it back to find the picture.

  • Dani

    How is this any different then the gore mannequins people put on their porch for Halloween for little boys and girls that go trick or treating? It's a Halloween toy labeled accordingly.

  • James Sterlington

    Your brother was born in a dollar store?

  • Seems like most people are shitting on the concerned mothers... but shit, it's a picture of a child slitting her wrist and a sound of maniacal laughing... in a toy labeled 3 and up. That's fucked up. For once these entitled annoying mothers are actually entitled to a reasonable explanation. Who the fuck made this thing?

  • arana

    yeah you should always be aware of maniacal laughing, everytime you hear that it means trouble

  • ODwanKenObi

    It must be leftover from Halloween. Indeed disturbing.

  • Crackredactie

    That picture, not sure why such an evil photo is in a child's toy, but its worth the funny times.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I wonder how real the picture was. Like... staged hollywood style photoshoot or ripped from the subreddit selfharmpics? BTW: selfharmpics... totally fapworthy.

  • Mr. K

    First rule of Dollar Store purchases: Things are NEVER what they seem.

  • John Samuel αΩ

    One time I got turned into a newt.

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