Monster Energy Gives You Horns: Crazy Lady Explaining Why Monster Energy Is The Work Of The Devil

November 11, 2014


Because some people need a cause so bad they'll literally make one up, this is a video of a lady explaining why Monster Energy is the work of the devil. Proof includes the M on the can resembling 666 in Hebrew, Monster's 'Unleash the beast' marketing slogan, and the O in Monster at the bottom of the can containing a cross that, when a can is sipped from, becomes inverted and represents witchcraft. Obviously, she's got it all figured out. No word how she feels about Red Bull or how anxious her kids are to run away from home.

Keep going for the captain of the make-believe debate team.

Thanks to MG, brianna and YouSunkMyBattleship (you're damn right I did, and I'm coming after your dinghy), who want to know the hell that '$10 Show Special' board she has is all about. Is she selling DVDs? Because I need one.

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