Monster Energy Gives You Horns: Crazy Lady Explaining Why Monster Energy Is The Work Of The Devil

November 11, 2014


Because some people need a cause so bad they'll literally make one up, this is a video of a lady explaining why Monster Energy is the work of the devil. Proof includes the M on the can resembling 666 in Hebrew, Monster's 'Unleash the beast' marketing slogan, and the O in Monster at the bottom of the can containing a cross that, when a can is sipped from, becomes inverted and represents witchcraft. Obviously, she's got it all figured out. No word how she feels about Red Bull or how anxious her kids are to run away from home.

Keep going for the captain of the make-believe debate team.

Thanks to MG, brianna and YouSunkMyBattleship (you're damn right I did, and I'm coming after your dinghy), who want to know the hell that '$10 Show Special' board she has is all about. Is she selling DVDs? Because I need one.

  • mike

    What a joke lady, how stupid are you to think that an energy drink is of the devil. Go chase redbull and every other company also while you're wasting your time. I think that she just wanted to het her 15 mins of fame by making up some bullshit.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    Is she mentally ill, or just really, really, really stupid (& gullible)?

    The cans have a design theme that is intentionally a little bit 'spooky' but it's not the work of any devil, and it's not going to make your kids turn into Satanists.

  • Do you even Occult

    Why is she crazy? she doesn't believe any of this, she's just explaining what satanists believe.

    Don't kill the messenger uneducated retards.

  • HAhahahahhaahahahahaha...... I love this shit.

  • Sooper

    I kinda love the part where she quotes a bible verse about the importance of knowledge, and then says that Jesus said it. The verse is from the Old Testament, thus pre-Jesus, so she's pointing out a verse about the danger of ignorance, but has no idea where it came from or what the context is. The ironing is delicious.

  • Billy Maxwell

    What a sorry, waste of life this lady is. I'm so embarrassed for the human race that people like this exist and spew their idiocy. People like this are the reason why any alien life who come in contact with the Earth won't contact us. They know they'd have to deal with idiots like this and ignorant a$$hats who say that aliens are going to hell because they haven't been baptized and don't believe in Jesus...

  • Ocelot Logic

    This is what christians look like to atheists.

  • Clampity

    You heard the lady, bottoms up.
    -Chugs a can, head does a 360 spin at the neck-

  • This has been around for years. I remember posting the same thing in a humorous way, on my Facebook page over 4 years ago.

  • jaylerd

    I'm pretty sure a circle with a line through it is a cross and an upside down cross at the same time even when it's upside down. And that upside down crosses are 100% dead on balls accurate christian symbols.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Wow she's nuts. The irony is this will do wonders for Monster's sales once this goes viral.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    "There is a cross on the can. Here is the message": learn your freaking Greek alphabet because that's a goddamn PHI!

    Phi stands for the "Golden Ratio" and it means that Monster is GOLDEN... or at least 1x1.6

    Same thing though, amirite!?

  • Xockszky

    This is what happens when you allow people to openly practice, and force their religion onto everyone else in society.

  • airntam

    Force? What force? Is YouTube mandatory? Are your eyes taped open?

  • shashi

    "For its first 180 years, justices [of the US supreme court] were almost always white male Protestants." Source

    "Almost all of the presidents can be characterized as Christian, at least by upbringing, though some were unaffiliated with any specific religious body. Some are thought to have been deists, or irreligious. No president thus far has been openly an atheist or an adherent of any non-Christian religion." Source

  • Royalblueduck

    I'm not saying the company is satanic, but is it really difficult to believe that the marketing department did their homework?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Marketing departments are in league with the devil. How else would they make money?

  • Royalblueduck

    I was separating the two. I guess I wasn't clear enough, my bad.
    Possible or Impossible? work with me

  • GeneralDisorder

    I think I got ya.

    Opinion: the company is not evil. The marketing department is. The company likes money (and also is legally required to pay employees and whatnot) so they let the marketing department satan up their product so they don't end up forcibly disbanded for not paying employees and other monetary things.

  • Kg3

    As a marketer, I can confirm that we are mostly evil. . .

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