LEGO's Inspiring Message To Parents In the 1970's

November 25, 2014


This is the note that was included with some LEGO doll house sets in the 70's, reminding parents that it's okay for girls to want to play with rocketships and boys to build dollhouses. It's weird to think some parents actually needed to be reminded of that. I had a Cabbage Patch Doll growing up. And a My Little Pony. It was pink with blue hair. I bet my mom still has it. Plus a jar full of my baby teeth. Ooh -- and my rat-tail. I know for a fact she has my rat-tail in an envelope somewhere.

Thanks to Luis, who agrees there's nothing wrong with a boy wanting a Polly Pocket playset (I had two of those too).

  • G-man

    I do not care about a girl making a spaceship, but a boy making a doll house I would make him chuck a beer to get more manly.

  • Xockszky

    Too bad Lego only comes in kits now, and you can only create one thing, like a house or a spaceship or whatever. What ever happened to being able to buy normal lego blocks, so you can build whatever you damn well please? Not these bullshit kits that don't really let you be creative.

  • Starkie25
  • Dave

    As per usual you are 3 days late to the discussion. Seriously, do you just troll other geek sites?

  • kevin

    Wow that's harsh. It's not like your paying to look at this page.

  • Daniel Anderson

    This is stupid.

  • Bamboom

    I think LEGO needs to be reminded of this. Girls lego takes about 2 minutes to put together then it's just a doll house. I wish lego wasn't so gendered.

  • Greg Stanopoulous

    >so gendered

    nobody is stopping a girl buying lego city sets, nobody is stopping a boy from buying lego friends sets

    Fuck, I've purchased lego friends sets before. Are you really that blinded by gender that you see a divide in EVERYTHING? Even a gender-neutral toy like lego?

  • Bamboom

    *sigh* Greg. Listen. It's just my opinion, based my experiences growing up, being a mother and talking to people, that toy marketing is becoming more gendered. I'm not sure what about that has offended you, but I'm pretty sure it's not worth getting mad over.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    There is plenty of gender neutral LEGOs and kids don't care much what was it supposed to be. They care the first time but latter they just use the bricks to build whatever they want. I think my first LEGO was to build a house, not a girly house or a boyish house, just a house. And latter I used the parts to build anything from planes to dinosaurs. Even when I got older and got more advanced stuff like the series with gears and electrical motors there were nothing in the box telling me that it was for boys or girls.

  • Bamboom

    The problem with the girls lego is that it can only be one thing. No imagination needed. And yes you can get gender neutral lego but it is becoming more gendered overall (as are all toys) for marketing reasons and it doesn't sit right with me.

  • Foldedpencil

    My mom also has a rat-tail in an envelope somewhere. Now that I'm reading this, I am starting to worry that she might have thrown it out at some point... I knew I should have opened a safety deposit box.

  • Tyguy

    This is cool

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