Just In Time For Thanksgiving: Pills To Make Your Farts Smell Like Roses Or Chocolate

November 26, 2014


Seen here looking like hipster Clown Santa, French inventor Christian Poincheval poses with a CG version of a pill he invented that can allegedly make farts smell like roses, violets or chocolate. The pills contain 100% all-nature ingredients (i.e. fennel, blueberries and seaweed) and cost €10 (~£8, ~$12.50) per jar of 60 pills. Obviously, I recommend taking at least two bottles before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.

Mr Poincheval said he came up with the idea for the pills one evening when he was enjoying a hearty meal with some friends.

"Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done," he said.

So he began researching natural ingredients that would reduce flatulence and after months of experimentation came up with the recipe for his pills.

"Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done." Yeah, no f***ing kidding something had to be done. You should have FOUND SOME NEW FRIENDS. You know, some friends that can exercise a little discretion and not let their sphincters go flapping around like flags in a breeze.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who informed the best way to mask the smell of a fart is to do it at least 20-yards away from another person, preferably in the woods (the bears will just have to deal with it).

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