IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM: Artist Adds Sci-Fi Characters To Thrift Store Paintings

November 13, 2014


FAKE! The shadows are all wrong. You can tell it's fake because the Enterprise is way f***ing bigger than that.

This is a series of thrift store paintings purchased by Dave Pollot, who adds value to them by painting in his own sci-fi and other pop culture characters. You can purchase prints of the pieces at his Etsy store HERE. Alternatively, head down to your local thrift store, pick up a cheap painting, and make yourself an original! That's what I did, and now look how much better this piece looks with the colorful, zany penises I added everywhere. "You do realize that was a Picasso, right?" I need to lie down.

Keep going for a bunch more.
















Thanks to NO_YOU_ARE, hands down one of my favorite comebacks.

  • Ashley Allen Chancellor

    The TARDIS was actually pretty much in place.

  • Bradley Vinci

    'm going to laugh so hard if i read about someone getting a thrift
    store painting does this and it turns out the painting was a Rembrandt

  • shashi

    i avait the vords of viggo, command me lord

  • David Shire

    getting into prog rock album cover territory with those pastoral space ships

  • BehindYou

    The matador/bullfighting one is an old poster; My grandparents have the unaltered version in their house; it's at least 40 years old.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    We have a nice moutain scene we got for free some years ago and I am thinking of sneaking a TARDIS into the shadows of the surround forset.

  • KLanD

    Now this I would hang on my wall.

  • mateom

    ive been wanting to do this for years!

  • nunyobini
  • Graham Ramsay

    It's called appropriation, and Mr White didn't invent his style of art either

  • nunyobini


    Wayne White appropriation, not Wayne White ripoff.

    Thanks for the correction

  • mateom

    wayne white's work is boring. Its just giant Microsoft word fonts. Ive been wanting to do something similar to this since middle school. not doctor who or star wars but even back then i knew i wasnt the only person on the planet to think of it. Looney tunes have even done it. so chill.

  • Xankar

    Some of these seemed a little out of place in artistic terms, like the first tie fighter one. A few others also just didn't match the scenery very well, like the soda one, due to the difference in art style. Besides that these were very impressive. I especially love the enterprise one as that one blends in so well and looks magnificent in my eyes.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Yeah I agree, he's done a really nice job composing them but the lines and colours don't fit on most of them. Still beautiful work, and it looks like this is a passion of his so I imagine his next lot will be even better at emulating the original style

  • Andyman7714

    I get what you mean. The Tie fighter doesn't have the proper shadowing to blend into the picture more. Looks unfinished compared to the Enterprise painting.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I think being out of place is the whole point.

  • Xankar

    What I was getting at was that some of the art didn't blend/match well with the original painting. Like how the soda can doesn't match the art style of its surroundings

  • mateom

    pobodys nerfect

  • Matt

    again... being out of place was the point

  • aint seen nothin yet

    i think he means like tom servo and Ecto-1, which dont blend as well, vs the darth vader looking into the distance, and the storm trooper at the cafe, or the DeLorean, which fit into the original painting so much better, as if they were meant to be there in the first place.

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