I'm So F***ed Up: New Bottle Attachment Allows You To Bong Beer And Weed Simultaneously

November 4, 2014


Note: Video contains a nice f-bomb at 0:57. Of course, if you're watching a video at work about bonging a beer and smoking weed at the same time, that probably isn't an issue.

This is a video of the Knockout 5-in-1. It's a $30 beer bottle top attachment (currently available for January delivery -- sorry, Christmas listers) that allows a user to turn any bottle into a beer bong, traditional water bong, and gravity bong. Plus you can use the device as a beer bong and gravity bong simultaneously, leaving you with a bottle full of smoke to inhale after the filter beer is chugged. I'm gonna get so f***ed up! Will I get the spins and puke again?! The vomit stain beside the couch from last time says probably so! Just kidding, it says 'HELP' scratched into it with a fingernail (I got too high and thought my heart stopped).

Keep going for the demonstration video.

Thanks to DK, who keeps throwing barrels at me even though I told him I have zero interest in rescuing that woman he's been carrying around.

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