Goodbye Productivity: Internet Arcade Allows You To Play 900 Classic Arcade Games Emulated In-Browser

November 3, 2014


Because what is work if not a place to spend as little time as possible doing what you're being paid to do, this is the Internet Arcade a website that allows you to play emulated versions of over 900 classic arcade games in-browser. Like, not knock-offs like a lot of in-browser games, but the actual original ROMs. Press 5 to feed the machine quarters, 1 or 2 to pick the number of players, and Ctrl/Alt/space for most buttons. You can also plug in a controller if you've got one. I can't tell you how much time I've spent today playing different games and reminiscing about my youth, but definitely more than enough to get fired if IT is monitoring my web usage. *phone ringing* Hello? YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE.

Thanks to Suni and BootyClapClap (nice! I wish I could do that), who I suspect will both easily log over 10 hours of gameplay at work this week.

  • Syd
  • On Disney's site, I was rocking the original tron and discs of tron. I flipped the game all the way past "USER".

  • Kg3

    My productivity after this will soon be close to zero. But what a glorious way to get fired!

  • MustacheHam

    ah! Thank you GW for posting this, now I can save up all my quarters. :D

  • just1nw

    Game Oldies is another site that lets you play old games in an online emulator. No idea how it's still online but it's pretty awesome.

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