For Ratings: Man In 'Snake-Proof Suit' To Be Eaten Alive By Giant Anaconda On Discovery Channel

November 5, 2014


30-year old 'wildlife expert' Paul Rosolie filmed a scene for the Discovery channel in which he was allegedly eaten alive by a giant anaconda while wearing a 'snake-proof suit'. The channel will air the episode December 7th as part of their Mega-Week, which is a dumb name for a week that doesn't involve being shot out of a cannon while on fire. There's a teaser for the show after the jump, which looks a little suspect. Could they not have found a bigger anaconda (like THIS ONE)? Is the snake actually going to eat him? Apparently the tether is for getting the snake to regurgitate after he's in its belly. Honestly, I bet this is all hype though and it never actually swallows him. Besides, the show has already been shot and Paul is still alive, so it's obvious it doesn't end the way I was hoping.

Keep going for a teaser for the show.

Thanks to Johnny Blaze, who agrees dude should try the same thing but with a crocodile.

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