Font Designed To Help People With Dyslexia Read Easier

November 13, 2014


This is Dyslexie, a font designed by dyslexic Christian Boer to help people suffering from the same condition be able to read easier. And being able to read easy, as I'm sure you're all aware, is an important life skill to have. But being able to do long division without a calculator isn't, which is why they should stop teaching it in schools. Common core? Here's some common core for you -- Texas Instruments makes wonderful, reliable products.

As Boer explains, dyslexics tend to mirror and rotate letters as they read, which makes reading very difficult. Many common typefaces aggravate this problem by having very uniform letterforms-for instance "b" and "d" may appear as mirror images of one another. The characters in the Dyslexie typeface have a slight cursive slant and slightly varied vertical elements and openings to prevent similar letters from being confused. Heavier bases help visually anchor the letters so dyslexics are less likely to rotate them.

You know, I dated a dyslexic girl in high school. That's pretty much all the personal info I've got on the subject. Did it affect our relationship? Absolutely not. Now her leaving me for the captain of the lacrosse team -- yes, things were never really the same after that. Like waaaaay less cuddling. Zero, actually.

Keep going for one more shot of the whole font and a video.


Thanks to Cyndie M, who told me somebody should make a font that makes proofreading easier, because apparently I suck at it. The truth hurtts.

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