Create Your Own Star Wars Episode VII Title Screen

November 7, 2014


So Star Wars Episode VII finally got an official title ('The Force Awakens'). Not happy with it? Then you can use this website developed by The Verge to create your own realistic looking title screen and, who knows, maybe send it to a couple Facebook friends and convince them it's the real thing. I just spent five minutes typing every combination of bad works I could think of. Make a J.J. Abrams or lens flare reference! Create a pun using one of the original titles! Mention Disney, Disney Princesses, or how old the returning cast is! Make a Star Wars parody p0rno title -- the possibilities are practically endless! I'm kidding, I literally just listed every single possibility.

Thanks to Jean, who agrees the title should have just been a series of wingdings.

  • shashi

    Star Wars Episode VII: A New (Merchandising Opportunity With Disney And J.J. Abrams Getting On The Gravy Train To Make An Awesome New Movie Although We Can Only) Hope

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