Cooooooool: Cleverly Detailed Japanese Flip Books

November 28, 2014


Did you see the Star Wars teaser trailer? If not, GO WATCH THAT. I want one of those soccer ball droids. This is a short video of several clever Japanese flip books. They use cut-outs and secret compartments to add to the effect. Honestly, I wouldn't mind finding a couple of these in my Christmas stocking this year. Then whenever I'm on the bus flipping through one and the person next to me tries to start a conversation I can yell, "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO WATCH MY SHOWS?! I don't come to your house and start yapping when you're trying to watch CSI: BUMF*CK, do I?! Well -- DO I?!" Then, God willing, they'll be so embarrassed I'll get the whole seat to myself.

Keep going for the worthwhile video. You can buy the books on Amazon HERE but they cost $16 - $20 apiece, which, unfortunately, is $15 - $19 out of my flip book budget at the moment.

Thanks to bri, who agrees picture books are the best books.

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