Caw, Caw!: Giant Bird's Nest Bed With Egg Pillows

November 7, 2014


Because who hasn't dreamed of pretending to be a baby bird laying around in a nest all day waiting for your mom to come throw up food into your mouth, this is the Giant Birdsnest designed by the OGE Creative Group. It's an updated version of this one I posted back in 2012. Updated because this one has egg-shaped pillows. Also, where is that apartment in the picture? Because it looks like it's across the street from some sort of royal palace. I wish I had a view like that. Instead I have a view of my apartment building's dumpster. If I open my window I can almost reach out and touch it. I don't open my window though, because it makes my apartment smell like dead bodies.

Keep going for several more shots of the that wood looks painful.




Thanks to Bridgette, who agrees you've got to be careful jumping into that thing without bruising yourself or getting a splinter.

  • Riz

    Caw caw is right, the killer from se7en probably slept on this: it's for the birds!


    Angry Birds

  • Clampity

    Why couldn't they use wicker instead :/

  • Jenness

    Unless the 'wood' planks are actually made out of wood looking foam, then it looks painful & a whole lotta money to spend just to have freaky bird sex one night. *hey baby, wanna let me ruffle your feathers? Don't be fowl. Cross my road chicken. CAWWW!*

  • Meh

    God damn bots spamming this site.

    On topic, want the pillows, not so much the frame. You can never have enough pillows.

  • JJtoob

    You are right, GW, I don't know about that wood frame...

  • Rachel John

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  • steve holt

    show us your tits

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