BTTF 2 Hoverboard Edition ZBoard Electric Skateboard

November 4, 2014


This is the Back to the Future Hoverboard edition of Zboard's electric skateboard. The boards have pressure-sensitive pads above the wheels, so you press the forward pad to go forward, and the rear one to stop. They reach a top speed of 17MPH (not bad!) with a range of 5-10 miles on a full charge. Right now the board is $150 off, so you can get one for $600, or $700 with a pair of replica Power-Lace sneakers. Considering how much I hate walking, I just added one to my Christmas list. Will I get it? I sure hope so! "Ho ho ho -- don't count on it." Why you fat bastard! *setting phone reminder for Christmas Eve* Cover the roof in tar, be ready to burn the house down.

Keep going for a video about the boards if you're not familiar.


Thanks to JR, who agrees it better be able to support a 230-lb man up a steep hill or they are going to have a return on their hands come early January.

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