Base Jumper Gets Slingshotted Off Cliff Like Angry Bird

November 12, 2014


This is a video of a French base jumper being launched off a cliff in a giant slingshot, just like an Angry Bird. It looks like fun. I have never based jumped before. Or sky dived. Or bungie jumped. I have jumped into my pants with both legs at the same time though. I've done that on several occasions. And I have torn my pants on even more occasions.

Hit the jump for the video, then come give me a hug. I need a hug.

Thanks to NoSender, who may or may not have been really confused by the name box on the send a tip page.

  • Forblat

    This. This video is perfect. It didn't have minutes of buildup that nobody cared about, set to some crappy music nobody wants to hear. It didn't have more annotations than was necessary, it didn't have voice over nobody's listening to.

    Just stop here, it's good. No need for the "full movie" guys. You did it. Good job.

  • Fred

    If only they'd had this technology in 1914...

  • Jenness

    How he managed to keep holding onto the camera stick is beyond me - well it's all beyond me.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    How many pigs did he hit?

  • Ollie Williams

    Fix your title typo, GW.

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