And Only $100,000: Full-Size Replica T-Rex Skeletons

November 3, 2014


This is a replica of Stan, the most complete male t-rex fossil found to date (not to be confused with Sue, which is THE most complete t-rex fossil found to date). You can get a full-size (40-feet long, 15-feet tall) replica of him made by the folks at the Black Hills Institute Museum for $100,000 (also available from Hammacher Schlemmer, which sells a full-size, 5-foot replica of just his head for $9,800). Your purchase includes professionals from the museum coming to set him up in any position you like -- presumably including sexual positions. "Sorry, not gonna do it." Hey -- you said ANY position, now mount him in the sex swing before I get angry.

Keep going for just a shot of the head available in case you're shopping for my Christmas gift but are a little tight on money right now.


Thanks to me, for having already written Hammacher Schlemmer asking if they'll send me one so I can write a review.

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