Alien!: Guy Films Closeups Of His Giant Pet Katydid

November 11, 2014


This is a video from Youtuber precarious333 starring his adult male giant Texas katydid (Neobarrettia spinosa). Highlights include closeups of it breathing, chirping, cleaning itself, showing off its threat display AND STARING INTO THE DEPTHS OF YOUR SOUL. You know, sometimes I wish I had a giant pet insect. Then I remember my real dream of owning a hermit crab. Eyes on the prize, GW. Mom says if I'm good and do all my chores for a month I can get one.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees it's pretty obvious somebody didn't get the puppy they were hoping for.

  • The_Wretched

    Turns out that God created certain insects to worship him. Humans are actually what they turned into after the fall. This means we should stop worshiping him because we aren't bugs.

  • shashi
  • Jan Bergström

    Anyone fap to this?

  • Conor Ghame

    The ass shot at 1:51

  • Shegs

    I'm imagining a terrifyingly ugly cat cleaning itself.

  • Harley Mann

    This reminds me of the time I watched Planet Earth on My 61'" tv in hd. The Mantis heads were about 14 inches across on that screen wen she took a bite out of him...

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