Alien Facehugger Dog Leash Is A Real Product

November 25, 2014


This is the Alien Facehugger Dog Leash made and sold by Etsy shop GCFX. It costs $150, which is a little out of my dog leash budget (I use three shoelaces tied together and a safety pin). Also, the facehugger is actually attached to a black fabric harness, which is hard to see in this photo because it blends in with the dog. Speaking of -- what kind of dog is that anyway? "Stuffed." Do those make good guard dogs? I'm thinking about growing weed.

Keep going for a couple closeups.




Thanks to me, for trying to get my dog to write this post and failing hard. Earn your keep!

  • Our SportLeash products were inspired by Mr. Sledmaster, the ultimate mushing dog, Griffey (who's pictured here). Griffey, who treats every leisurely jog as an Iditarod training session, made it well known that, as much of an athlete as I thought I was, he was certainly the best athlete in the family. The problem was running, hiking, even walking with any of the regular or waist leashes on the market was a dreadful, one-handed, cumbersome experience. So, we began to create products geared toward making this experience better. With all of the positive feedback and encouragement to make these available to everyone, the Sportleash brand was born!

  • Vincent Kerstens

    she's using it all wrong, you can tell because the shadows are all wrong ;) it should be hugging the face and the leash part should be wrapped around the neck at least 5 times and pulled tight, the hugger should be keeping the dog alive..and what a crappy photo studio setup...

  • kevin

    I swear I've seen this before. I think my friend has it for his cat. It's nice aesthetically, but as a leash it's kind of bulky and pretty short.

  • NoOpponent

    Funny how they didn't even bother to find a real dog to model it...

  • Jenness

    Cooollll...*looks at price and puts back on virtual shelf*

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    If this becomes popular soon we will have a Chinese copy for a fraction of the price.

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