Having A Great Time: 3 Grandmas Get High For The First Time, Play Cards Against Humanity

November 20, 2014


Yeah, I can feel some tingle in my brain.

This is a video of three grandmas who have never smoked cannabis before getting high for the first time in their septuagenarian/octogenarian lives. They have a great time, learn some new vocabulary, and drop a lot of wonderful one-liners. Man, it would be weird to go visit your grandma and watch her eat all the fresh-baked cookies she'd made for you. Also, since marijuana is such a notorious gateway drug, what do you think these ol' ladies are going to be getting into next? Acid? Meth? Coke? "Stool softeners." It's a slippery slope.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, who

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