What's Outside The Margins Of Popular Album Covers

October 28, 2014


This 'The Bigger Picture', a series of Photoshop jobs by web design company Aptitude imagining what's outside the margins of famous album covers. WARNING: there is a Justin Beiber one in the mix. Has he had his quinceañera yet? I liked the Nirvana and Bruce Springstein ones, the rest I thought were just okay. But who am I to judge, I'm just a man who's drawn to the nudey paintings whenever I'm at a museum. It's like I have an internal compass. Plus you could set me down anywhere in the world, blindfold me, and I could bee-line it to the nearest liquor store no problem. My body just knows where to go -- it's a gift. "It sounds like an addiction." IT'S A GIFT.

Keep going for seven more.








Thanks to Brianna, who agrees out of all the albums to choose from, it's weird these are the ones they chose.

  • kevin

    These are above average, but I was actually really looking forward to seeing the real pictures that the albums came from.

    The photoshop work just kind of reminds me of early 2000-2005 internet.

  • It's all about perspective, people. These are pretty good, if you're assuming that some high school kid made them for his Multimedia I class.

    A design company though? Nah, these were terrible. There are way too many places to point where the job was botched badly.

  • asds

    why is there a nypd helicopter in the beiber pic... where in nyc are there palm trees

  • Meh

    Apart from the beetle phun, pretty lame imo.

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