What Men Versus Women Search For On P0rnhub

October 21, 2014


This is a chart created using P0rnhub's anal-ytics showing what men versus women search for most often (links to P0rnhub's article with an even further breakdown that you might not want to click on since it is hosted on their main site). I learned a lot. Mostly that thinking about p0rn kinda makes you want to look at it. Thankfully, I'm at work and they have all that smut blocked here. I saw the calendar in the lobby this morning advertising that the office has been masturbation-free for over five months now. That they know about -- HIYO! (I can masturbate with my mind like Professor X)

Thanks to my buddy C-Nasty, who prefers adult pay sites that cater specifically to his perversions.

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