VICTORY: Hawk Attacks Quadrocopter, Crashes It

October 13, 2014


This is a short video of a hawk attacking a quadrocopter and crashing it. It brought me great joy -- like watching a frienemy fail to achieve. I'm just happy to know that when the time comes, I can count on the support of my avian friends to help keep the skies free of autonomous government spy drones. It's like, if I want to masturbate in the privacy of my own backyard, I should be able to without being spied on. It's called a privacy fence for a reason, you know. "That's chain link." WHATEVER.

Keep going for the video, then get out there and down some drones yourself.

Thanks asdfasdfasdf, who agrees having a bird of prey trained to attack things on command would be pretty sweet. Especially if it were 40-feet long and a dragon instead of a bird.

  • shashi

    Xerxes strikes again

  • Mark Pocock

    Flawless Victory...

  • JJtoob

    Angry birds, drone edition. Coming soon to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • This made me really happy, then kinda sad. I was thinking it would be even cooler if it was a bald eagle... then I was thinking that didn't make any sense. The US doesn't fight for our privacy, they invade it. The drone is more the the bald eagle than the bird. Now I'm kinda depressed because the bald eagle isn't the symbol it was for me growing up. Kinda shitty. Anyway.... I'm still pumped that the bird fucked up that drone.

  • walffles123

    If it was a bald eagle, I think it would have made sense, because it represents our freedom, specifically privacy. I don't view the bald eagle as a symbol for the US. Anyways that was pretty fucking funny though.

  • MustacheHam

    Technology Vs. Nature

    Nature wins this round. >:D

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I can just imagine it flying away muttering "amateurs..." under its breath.

  • asdfasdf

    "Thanks asdfasdfasdf, who "

    who what? what do I do?

  • asdfasdf

    (article completed by a ninja)/

    ah, yes. I do that.

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