That's A Lot: Timeline Of 29 Upcoming Superhero Movies

October 20, 2014


Note: Larger version HERE.

Because superhero movies are all the rage right now, this is a timeline of confirmed DC and Marvel superhero movies coming out between now and 2020, created by Dylan Todd over at Comics Alliance. There are 29 movies on the list. For reference, that's more movies than I've seen in theaters in the last 10 years. I'm averaging less than a movie a year right now. Mostly because I can't stand the crowds. But also because I keep getting busted trying to sneak my own food and drink into the theater. "Seriously?" You try walking straight with four pounds of M&Ms and a 2-liter strapped to your nuts!

Thanks to Diana K, who gets a million bonus points for mentioning she wished somebody would make a Ralf Snart movie.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    Beastman just googled "Ralf Snart" per GW and Diana K's apparent endorsement. Beastman is alarmed and terrified. Beastman love rock.

  • Patrick Banks

    so next year we get one good movie, and then the year after we get 5?? Maaaybe 6?
    Geeze. That kinda blows.

  • Kane Harrison

    Fantastic Four 2. Surely this should be number 3.
    Rise of the silver surfer was number 2.

    Who will play Johnny Storm, they can't have him playing 2 characters.

  • shashi

    are you being forced to chose between access to google and your brain? blink twice if you need help

  • Bling Nye

    Me 20 years ago: "Man, it would be awesome if they made movies out of comics, that would be awesome, and the stories are already written for them, it'd be cake!"

    Me yesterday: "F*ck all these sh!tty, shittastic comic movies, they're sh1t, only a couple are any good, more often than not they're complete sh1t, and now they're pumping them out like crazy, just sh!t after sh!t to make money... they're raping the comics!"

    Me today: "Meh."

  • catallergy

    I have to wait 3 years for the next GotG movie? Well this week is off to a shitty start.

  • David

    Doesn't mean they won't appear in another Marvel movie

  • Se

    Infinity war?

  • TMNT 2? Incredibles 2? Try again.

  • David

    Only Marvel & DC movies are listed

  • disqus_uwL2PAHTcB

    How is Big Hero 6 a Marvel or DC movie?

  • Andrew Newton

    There will be 3 of these which will be great movies (not just by comic book standards)

    The others will be meh and I hope to god at least one decent female lead movie to shut people up.

  • Eric Newton

    I agree with you, secret brother i didn't know i had

  • Gingerbread

    Too many of these already. Also, reboots of movies made in the last 10 years. Do I need to say much?... 2, maybe 3 titles with potential for real success and a chance to bring something "new" and not be just generic sequels or spin-offs. $$$$$$ In the case of Fox and Sony, they're willing to do literaly anything to keep rights off from Marvel, so shitty movies all the way.

  • Get you, Captain Pessimist.

  • Fred

    When is that one coming out?

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