That's A Lot: Elon Musk Wants To Colonize Mars With A Million People To Ensure Humanity's Survival

October 3, 2014


Elon Musk has announced his belief that Mars should be colonized by over a million people by the end of the century to help ensure humanity's survival in the event of a catastrophic event on earth. Haha, too late, Elon! *mashing earth self-destruct button* "THAT WAS CAPS LOCK." SHUT UP I LIKE PRETENDING, OKAY?

As Musk will tell you, Mars is the reason there is a SpaceX, and the best time to go is probably in about 15 or 20 years.

In the mid-2030s, Mars will be about as close to us as it gets. During this window of opportunity Mars will be about 36 million miles away and the travel time measured in months rather than years. As far as the size of the Mars cultural-genetic depot, Musk isn't thinking small. Rather than just a skeleton crew of a few pioneers with Swiss Army Knife-like skill sets, he imagines a colony that grows a million strong in shipments of 100 at a time.

To meet the demand, Musk says he is working on a reusable rocket that can land smoothly and be ready for action again within an hour.

A million people to Mars 100 at a time? That's 10,000 trips. For reference, that's 9,994 more trips than we've taken to the moon. Sounds ambitious. Besides, who says humanity even deserves to survive beyond earth? We're just gonna run out and be jerks all across the galaxy? The other aliens are going to hate us. FUN FACT: when aliens play video games and watch movies about another alien race coming to destroy their home planet, THAT'S US -- we are those @$$holes. *mashing earth self destruct button again* DAMN, STILL CAPS LOCK.

Thanks to christian and TJ, who volunteered to go to Mars, but only if they could be shot out of a cannon.

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