Star Wars In The Style Of Northwest Coast Indian Art

October 14, 2014


Death Mask

This is 'Alliance Is Rebellion', a series of characters and vehicles from Star Wars imagined as traditional Northwest Coast Indian art by Scott Erickson (links to his website with prints for sale). Good job, Scott. I love the style of Northwest Coast art, something about it really speaks to me. "Pretty sure those are just the voices in your head." IT'S THE ART. *eyeballing photo* Right now it's telling me to stab you, which sounds like a great idea.

Keep going for a bunch more, with their names underneath them.


Great Sun Bear


Grey Eagle Horse


Howling Crow


Hunter Mark


Silver Tenderfoot


Skull Mask


Walking Lodge

Thanks to Arrogant Tiger, who is so arrogant he once challenged Tony the Tiger to a Frosted Flake eating contest. AND WON. Wow!

  • John

    Fantastic art ignore the SJWs they are simply jealous of your talent as they know that their pathetic lives will amount to nothing of any consequence.

  • agm65

    You can always tell who the liberals
    are. Just CNTL + F the word F~ck, they'll start popping out like
    popcorn. I live in Alaska, nothing is brand “Native Art” unless
    it was created by the local natives. However, as many of those who
    so colorfully expressed, it is art no matter what. Personally, I
    enjoy others creativity just the same.

  • Carey Newman

    If a person is working in a culturally specific genre for their own pleasure, as a non Comercial hobby, they can create whatever they want. The fact that this person has no substantive understanding of the shapes and forms he is using, and is selling these as prints is the problem. You want to learn about north west coast formline? Great, start with learning the basics. Then you can graduate to evolving your style, if you have lived in an indigenous community and are accepted or adopted in, then you might not be called out as one who is appropriating the culture of others. In this case, it isn't only cultural appropriation, it is poorly done as well which simply makes it bad art all around.

  • armadillo

    At least pick some different leitmotifs, would ya? Weak sauce.


    Pretty cool, I see a new tattoo in my future.

  • Kip Sikora

    And let's not forget that the Star Wars universe is a loosely woven tapestry of cultural and philosophical threads from around the world. Offended by content you are? Off you must fuck.

  • Alex Mercado

    The big difference between good and bad cultural appropriation is relationships. I don't know Scott Erickson. How are his relationships with the northwest Native Americans whose style he appropriated? If we don't know, we can't judge him.

  • 10songsblog

    Hey a lot of these tribese people used western materials to make their not mention OUR western horses. I cry foul on that!!! And give me back my computer your culture didn't create that.

  • Nathan Carlos Rupley

    It looks pretty, but seem like cultural appropriation to


  • hamilton geyser

    there is no such thing as cultural copyright, white man.

  • Nathan Carlos Rupley

    As an artist I like when culture is open source, but there should also be respect. Using their art is more along the lines of getting a Navy Seal tattoo, if you were never a seal. Also, I'm only 50% white.

  • Nathan Carlos Rupley

    Feel free to throw insults at me all you want, I'm not a cultural marxist etc., but I do understand what white fragility is. Look into it, and have fun!

  • Snooze

    (looks around at all the little PC SJW Crackers having a trolling pissfest because it saves them from having to do any real civil rights work)

    Good job! Art and culture evolve when the smallminded get out of the way (salutes)

  • Conan Gale

    No idea belongs to anyone. There are no rules in art. Intellectual property is nothing more than imaginary real estate. Appropriation is a term levied against the creative by the unimaginative. All your thoughts about art are merely a construct with the value and grandeur of an imaginary friend. Beautiful and unreal.

  • Leask

    dang dogg if you're gonna jerk off over someone's culture at least make it your own

  • Brad Hamel

    I'm a white guy from the Pacific Northwest who grew up learning about and respecting the local tribes in my area while loving Star Wars (original) as a kid. Am I to be considered "racist" because my first thought was "Cool idea, combining 2 things I love". Is it possible that millennials are over-sensitive about everything being racist or sexist somehow? Is everything a white person does a "micro-aggression"?

    I understand what white privilege is, but frankly I'm getting sick of everyone bitching about everything all of the time. We live in such a negative world, say something nice. I don't want to ignore racism or sexism by any means, but is it possible our youth is reading into things that don't exist in intent and purpose?

    Example: I hate the color blue. You mention something (to another person, not even me) about scuba diving in the beautiful blue ocean......... I feel accosted because you're going on about the color blue and how much you love it in nature, but I hate the color so I'm offended (nevermind I was eavesdropping).

    Is this where our society is today?

    P.S. I have a Chehalis Coast tribal tattoo of 2 wolves in a Yin Yang. I love the art, I love what it stands for, and it reminds me of home. I even asked a Native American friend about it before I got the tattoo and he said great. Am I somehow a privileged racist now?

  • Shaun Peterson
  • MapleBiscuits

    Yeah, these are pretty horrible. Regardless of the artist's complete lack of respect for the peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast, these are horribly rendered. As an artist from this area, who uses this iconography, technically, these just blow. Race isn't an issue for me, I know a number of non-native people who have taken up the art and have been accepted by the community. But they work and live within those communities and have been granted to the teachings on how to make the art in the most respectful way. Besides, this is a complete rip-off of another artist, Andy Everson, who's been doing the star wars meets NWC thing for over a decade. All in all, that's my problem. Let this guy make these horribly appropriative images, but saying they're unique and fresh is a bit of an understatement, considering there are a number of highly competent artist from BC, Washington and Alaska who have been doing this meld of pop meets NWC way before this guy jumped up and thought he was doing something original.

  • Neroke2013

    Yes let the Politicallt Correct Butthurt flow through. Did you scream out "ALL HAIL SOCJUS" as you were writing this you whiny cultural Marxist.

    To quote Yoda "Selfish prick you are hmmm." "Opinion you should not give." "Culture you should not dictate."

  • Wilfredo Hernandez

    These are cool little twists on Northwest Coast Native Art. I love Star Wars as well, so it might be cool to get one of these. Thanks for the post! http://www.cherylstradingpo...

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