Spider Burrows Under Guy's Skin, Lives There For 3 Days

October 17, 2014


This is the scar left on Australian vacationer Dylan Maxell after a spider in Bali burrowed into his appendix scar and traveled up through chest over the next three days. Note to self: cancel honeymoon in Bali, look into Antarctica instead.

"Well after running tests and putting things inside my stomach they finally found out it was a tropical spider that's been living inside me for the last three days," Maxwell posted...

"Haven't felt so violated in my life before! Just glad it's all over", he said.

After returning to Australia earlier this week, doctors removed the tropical visitor.

Wait -- he was allowed to fly with a tropical spider living inside his chest?! I would have cut that f***er out myself. Did he have to claim it with customs? I feel like countries generally frown on bringing foreign plants, animals and insects home with you. "This is Australia we're talking about." TRUE. What does the rest of the world have that Australia doesn't have twice as bad? I bet this spider was beat up and mugged by some real spiders before it even left the airport.

Keep going for a video news report.

Thanks to PYY and burnitwithfire, who agree having a spider living inside your chest is reason enough to be burned alive.

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