Running Into Walls: Freaky Alien Mind Control Mask

October 3, 2014


This is the Alien Mind Control mask from The Horror Dome ($98, but currently out of stock). It makes it look like a little alien removed your head and is sitting in a command chair where it used to be, controlling your body. Kinda reminds me of Krang. Is it really mind control though if you don't have a brain anymore? It looks like the little bastard just hardwired himself into the spine. "You're overthinking this." Heck yeah, that means the aliens haven't got me yet. Unless they just made me think about nipples, because that's what I'm doing now.

Keep going for a couple closeups of the awesome mask you can't drink in.




Thanks to DanTheMan, not to be confused with DamnTheMan, which is what I yell when my boss gives a work project to finish over the weekend.

  • Eric Morgan

    Looks more like the alien is using your body as a crapper...

  • Jonny Campbell

    He's anal probing that alien with his head.

  • Bling Nye

    Great idea, I'm going to make this in a "top hat" sort of size/fit, so I can still get mah drank on.

  • Bling Nye

    That "command chair" is clearly also a toilet, and the alien is shi!tting down your throat.

  • jruff84

    Now how awesome would it be if he could rig the arms with wire or some sort of mechanism to move the levers back and forth in sync with his foot steps so it looked like it was controlling his legs!

  • Brendan Hampshire

    In addition to your thoughts jruff84, what about giving him a long hollow straw like a tongue/trunk that the wearer could drink their beer through, as if the alien had commanded it's human victim to lift the pint to it's level.

  • The_Wretched

    Alien penis drinking straw?

  • jruff84

    I approve this modification

  • Sebastiann Eleganté Neely

    It looks a little bit like a Salarian.

  • balashi

    It's just…. you've got your head up its ass tho...

  • o0THX11380o

    Ya, and that isn't blood... it's extra terrestrial excrement.

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  • Curtis Rasmussen

    Upvoting your own spam? Pathetic.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That's an amazing idea, it would be cool to make one that was subtly animated too. Blinking eyes and moving controls etc

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