Questionable: Air Umbrella Repels Rain With A Jet Of Air

October 21, 2014


Remember that conceptual Air Umbrella I posted back in 2012? Well now somebody else has stolen/come up with the exact same idea and created a Kickstarter to make the product a reality. And they've already met their funding goal too, which means $128 will get you your very own Air Umbrella in December of 2015. Will it work? Probably not. I mean, they SAY it will, but I don't think it will (plus the battery only lasts 15-minutes). I think you're gonna get soaked. Still, it might be fun to play with in the shower. I don't even carry an umbrella, I just carry one of those white kitchen trashbags with two eye holes cut out. I should probably cut a mouth hole too, because I got light-headed and almost suffocated on the bus last time it rained. I'm just afraid somebody might mistake me for some sort of ghost sex doll and try to put the moves on me.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video, footage of the thing in stationary action at the end.

Thanks to Rich, who prevents getting rained on the really old fashioned way: staying in the cave until it's not raining anymore.

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