Pumpkins Grown In Frankenstein's Monster Face Molds

October 16, 2014


Tony Dighera of Cinagro Farms in Ventura County, California, has spent the last four years developing the perfect mold to grow these Frankenstein's monster faced pumpkins in. This year was his first successful commercial harvest, producing 5,500 molded pumpkins, which he sold to suppliers for $75 apiece. That's over $400,000 in profit. Next year he plans to devote his entire farm to the pumpkins (including some skull-shaped white pumpkins) and produce between 30,000 - 40,000. Damn, Tony is going to be rolling in the dough! So much dough you'd swear he owned a bread farm. "Um, GW? You do know bread doesn't grown on trees, right?" Fine, bushes, WHATEVER.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.







Thanks to lilco, who agrees these make the perfect pumpkins for the person in your life that's already missing fingers from last year's jack-o-lantern carving party.

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