P0rnhub Briefly Had A Billboard In Time Square

October 9, 2014


This is the entirely family friendly P0rnhub billboard that the company had up in Time Square for almost a full 24 hours before the DoubleTree Hotel (the building behind the billboard) had it taken down. Presumably because they want you to spend $16 apiece renting p0rnos in your room and not watching them for free online. Of course DoubleTree also charges $14 a night for Wi-Fi, so you can't exactly get it for free that way either. Although after paying $14 for Wi-Fi you'll at least feel like you just got f***ed.

Thanks to Dunc, who agrees P0rnhub should really give DoubleTree something to complain about and slap up a billboard featuring a 20-foot tall penis with arms and legs and a face.

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