Over 1,000-Pounds: The World's New Largest Firework

October 28, 2014


This is a video of the new Guinness World Record for largest firework (previously: these ones). The behemoth at 3:25 in the video measures 4-feet in diameter and weighs 465kg (~1,024-lbs). That's over half a ton, and definitely powerful enough to support the weight of a grown man riding it to the end of his life. Did I ever tell you when I was growing up there was a guy in my neighborhood that made his own fireworks? He always had me hunting around in the woods for lizards and mushrooms and spiders. "Pretty sure he was a wizard." Hmmm, he did have a talking owl.

Keep going for the video, which consists of 300 12-inch fireworks, 1 36-incher at 1:45, and the four-footer at 3:25.

Thanks to Mem, who's not convinced that wasn't an alien attack.

  • Jason Whitaker

    Mem, our new god

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  • TBozzly

    This is probably the most touching story i have read on the interweb today. God bless you and Dr Brave - who we all know is really Harry Potter.

  • Dan

    "465kg (~1,024-lbs). That's over half a ton"
    A ton is 1000kg, how's 465 over half that?

  • nick

    Half an imperial ton, not half a metric ton.

  • Xankar

    Fire a thousand of those and then we'll talk

  • Joeri Boi

    Thanks to Mem, who what?

  • shashi

    Is Mem Who the name? is this this some kind of joke? *Who said that?* no im not playing your games *did Who say that?* Who? *Thats just razy lacism*

  • To Mem, who?

  • Jenness

    The 36" was more impressive because it didn't blow up wonky like the last one - but still - all in all an amazing show and probably was just amazing to see in person.

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