Needs More Shotgun: Zombie Apocalypse Bicycle

October 27, 2014


This is the 'zombie proof bicycle' built by UK-based bike insurance company ETA for Halloween. It has everything you need to provide just enough false sense of security to confidently ride headlong into a horde of the undead and get torn limb from limb, including: an electric chainsaw, flame thrower, smoke grenade, splatter shield and hatchet. The electric chainsaw makes me laugh. What it SHOULD have is a marble dispenser on the back for when you're being chased. You ever seen a bunch of zombies trying to walk on marbles before? Comedy gold. Their arms and legs practically break themselves off.

Keep going for a closeup and video.


Thanks to Yannick, who pointed out bikes are going to be increasingly more important as the zombie apocalypse creates an oil shortage.

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