Music Video Featuring Iconic Album Covers Beatboxing

October 27, 2014


This is the music video for Roy Kafri's 'Maykero'. It features a bunch of classic album covers animated to appear as if they're beatboxing. Plus the song isn't that bad either. It reminds of the kind of song I'd listen to if I purposefully wanted to drive myself insane and attack all my apartment neighbors with a ninja sword. Which, for the record, I kind of want to do anyways. These people suck. I can't wait till one of them reads Geekologie and realizes I'm talking about them. Is it you that clogs the trash chute every week stuffing pizza boxes down there? Or that just throws your Starbucks cups in the stairwell? Granted the building is a total shithole, but there's no reason to make it an even BIGGER shithole. And stop letting your dogs only pee on the one little patch of grass right outside, TAKE THEM FOR A WALK. You can seriously smell dog piss from like a block away. Honestly, I might just burn this f***er to the ground on Christmas.

Keep going for the video. It's worth a watch.

Thanks to Muche, who's just happy to see not ALL music videos have gone the way of asses everywhere.

  • captaindash

    Only 3 comments, and none mentioning how well this was pulled off? This was absolutely amazing. Not long ago people would've lost their minds over this. Now everybody has the tools to do incredible stuff which is awesome, but has left us pretty jaded.

  • AdvancePlays

    Holy crap. I have an absolutely tiny physical music collection, but even still, that hit me hard. Good stuff.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    If you throw out a perfectly good vinyl of "Revolver," then you deserve to be beaten with a sack of oranges

  • Jenness

    Great vid but sad ending, all those great covers gone and now digital - whole art form kind of lost. I don't think cover art is appreciated like it used to be.

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