McDonald's And World Of Warcraft Team Up In China

October 8, 2014


To promote the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion pack, World of Warcraft and McDonald's China have teamed up to decorate some of their stores with a Warcraft theme. My favorite fast food restaurant theme? Clean, with no shit on the walls of the bathroom.

The themed stores will be around until November 4, when they'll turn back into regular o'le Mickey D's. That said, during this time, people ordering McDonald's delivery in China will receive a points card that can be used to redeem items within WoW. If you order enough McDonald's, you can get anything from in game potions to pets.

Man, how come all the foreign McDonald's stores get all the cool stuff? You know what we get at McDonald's here in the US? Fat. Plus the Monopoly game, and that shit's rigged. Honestly, I think I'm done with fast food. After today. Okay, after this week. Month? I'll start fresh in 2015. I will die with double cheeseburgers in both hands.

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Thanks to my buddy Josh, who promised to take me out for lunch today but left me standing on the curb waiting for thirty minutes. Gosh, I hope nothing bad happened to him. "I stood you up." You're a dick and I hope you burn in hell.

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