Guy Performing Skateboard Tricks With Wheelbarrow

October 27, 2014


In WTF did I just watch news, this is a video of a guy performing skateboarding tricks with a golden wheelbarrow. He doesn't actually get IN the wheelbarrow, just flips it around and uses to grind rails and jump stairs and stuff. You know, my dad used to push my brother and I around in a wheelbarrow when we were kids. Those were better times. Now I get pushed around on the bus and people call me names and try to steal my wallet. Sometimes I think Peter Pan might have had the right idea. "About staying young?" No, about carrying a sword.

Keep going for the video, then come over and watch me grind the rail outside my apartment building with a weed-wacker. Also, just skip to 1:30 for the tricks to start unless you want to hear him talking about how much cooler his wheelbarrow is than yours.

Thanks to Joseph FR, who offered to drag me over a ramp in a Radio Flyer and try to do a barrel roll.

  • Guest

    well this guy sucks but there are people that are actually "good" at it. youtube extreme wheelbarrowing

  • BrotherNature

    Landed everything!

  • Greg

    This was so utterly stupid it was entertaining.

    Thanks for the laugh, GW.

  • captaindash

    As a guy who used to make his living off of skateboarding, I thought this was really funny. I was hoping he'd have a slam or two, or fake getting scared before a big rail, but overall it was worth watching. Man, a 24k gold wheelbarrow would be heavy though. He must have helium in the tire to compensate.

  • mholl967

    Lol I was prepared to be impressed by some guy riding a wheelbarrow but no:p

  • nathaniel katzman

    it's so much stupider than I ever imagined.

  • Sean Lally

    I thought it was hilarious personally and have done similar...

  • Jenness

    I felt awful while giggling thinking this was one of those sad video parents who can't afford skates but live in rural areas show their kids.

  • Brad Walton

    The entire time he's talking, I'm thinking "how the fuck is he gonna ride this?". I probably should've read at least the first couple of lines. This video was a letdown...

  • Daniel Houston

    Totally thought that too, bro


    Brad Walton

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  • Tyguy

    ...we shouldn't be giving things/people like this, attention.

  • Wiley

    Are you serious?! This is hilarious. I was laughing the whole time because expectations were shattered. It is beyond asinine, but the delivery was incredible.

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