Gunman Plays Star Spangled Banner On Musical Targets

October 21, 2014


In news that's sure to give Ted Nugent a giant flag-waving boner, this is a video of a man with a gun performing the Star Spangled Banner on musical targets (which are available for purchase HERE). He does a good job, but I would have liked to see it done a little quicker. LIKE WITH A MACHINE GUN. Personally, I don't trust myself enough to own a real gun, but my buddy Terry and I bought air rifles and sit on his back porch drinking beer and repeatedly shooting a soda can until we tear it in half. It's really a glorious feeling when it finally comes apart. Honestly, with a steady supply of beer and deviled eggs, I'm pretty sure that's my dream world.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Don and Karim, who once tried playing Old MacDonald Had A Farm with Uzis but it sounded way more like Mary Had A Little Lamb in my opinion.

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