Genius: Automatic Carwash Has External Foam Blaster So You Can Shoot The Cars Going By

October 31, 2014


Hey buddy -- roll down your window for a sec I got something to tell ya!

In what is arguably the greatest advancement in automatic car washes since the addition of the spotless rinse, comes the Suds Blaster. It's a gun mounted outside the wash that allows you to blast the cars that go by with soap. That sounds like fun. Who came up with this anyways? SPOILER: high people. High people also go to Taco Bell and eat it in their car while they go through the automatic wash because that shit is mesmerizing. What? Well it's cheaper than a movie!

Thanks to thecureforhope, which I'm all too familiar with.

  • Dammit I just want to do this. Fuck everything else... I wanna wash cars with a suds blaster until I die of old age.

  • cardstock

    This invention makes Thomas Edison look like a mentally handicapped monkey who banged rocks together. Or replace Edison with Nikola Tesla if you insist on being a know it all who read a comic on Facebook and are now an expert on 20th century inventors.


    um this has been around for decades in random car wash places...

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