Family Has To Abandon House After 1,000's Of Brown Recluse Spiders "Started Bleeding Out Of The Walls"

October 14, 2014


Oh boy, a circus!

This is the Weldon Springs, Missouri home being covered with fumigation tents to kill the 5,000+ brown recluse residents. Apparently the spider problem got so bad they were "bleeding out of the walls," which is particularly terrifying imagery because WALLS BLEEDING SPIDERS.

[Owner Susan Trost] told St. Louis television station KMOV-TV in 2012 the spiders "started bleeding out of the walls," and at least two pest control companies were unable to eradicate the infestation.

Jamel Sandidge -- considered one of the nation's leading brown recluse researchers -- estimated there were between 4,500 and 6,000 spiders in the home. Making matters worse, he said, those calculations were made in the winter when the spiders are least active.

The home, now owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association, was covered with nine tarps this week and workers filled it with a gas that permeated the walls to kill the spiders and their eggs.

"There'll be nothing alive in there after this," said Tim McCarthy, president of the company hired to fix the problem once and for all.

First of all, I don't care if they're a harmless species that spin webs made out of gold, if you can ever describe your spider problem as "bleeding out of the walls", those walls should have been on fire a long time ago. And two pest control companies already failed to kill the infestation? When it comes to spider infestations, the third time's not a charm, the third time's an "accidental" gas leak, a giant explosion, and insurance fraud.

Thanks to TonyPepparoni and Shegs, who agree there comes a time when you just have to remove all your valuables and set a house on fire.

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