DC Comic Superheros And Villains In The Style Of Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers

October 6, 2014


This is a series of DC Comics characters in the style of Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers as imagined by DeviantARTist OnlyMilo (aka Ruiz Burgos). He did a fantastic job. You know, I actually have an old Saturday Evening Post and often daydream about living in the painting on the cover. It's one of my happy places. My other happy places are 1) laying in the shower 2) laying in bed, and 3) falling asleep on the shitter, in that order.

Keep going for four more including Superman, Poison Ivy, and The Joker & Harley Quinn.





Thanks to Christine L, who also daydreams about living in Saturday Evening Post covers but then starts worrying about what if she gets bored of living in there and can't get out like the couple trapped in the comic book in A-Ha's music video for 'Take On Me'. OMG, I've thought about the same thing!

  • AGirlNamedMichael

    I will reiterate my observation that painting a mediocre piece of artwork and stick a red circle and "Saturday Evening Post" behind it doesn't make it Rockwellesque, and certainly doesn't make it good.

  • OrehRatiug

    I wouldn't say these are bad, definitely not Rockwellesque though.

  • C-Basstian

    Anyone even notice the fact that poison ivy's arms are too short? Apparently, neither did the artist. Ooo look an ass!

  • coute21

    Her arm is not too short. She's lifting up her shoulder and her arm is slanted away from the camera to cover her boobs. I did the same exact pose just now and my elbow landed around the same spot hers did. Near the bottom of my boobs.

  • KM

    Nope- in that case her arm would be thicker because of the perspective. It's off.

  • MaidoMaido

    I think they were just distorted in her boobies curved spacetime gravity field

  • Guest

    kid'll regret covering those eyes in a few years

  • thomas the tank caboose

    I'm pretty sure you can see his eyeball peeking between his fingers on his one hand

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