I'm Coming In For A Landing!: Space Shuttle Slippers

October 30, 2014


These are the Space Odyssey Plush Shuttle Slippers available from ThinkGeek ($20). They're one size fits most adults, and look like little space shuttles. This is space shuttle Discovery to Refrigerator Base, request permission to dock for a midnight snack, over. You ever dreamed of making love to a man with space shuttle slippers on? Hopefully my girlfriend has, because I am about to MAKE THAT DREAM COME TRUE.

Keep going for a shot of someone wearing the things.


Thanks to me, for playing space at least an hour a day to escape the harsh reality that is my life.

  • WhiteEagle2

    RIP SpaceShip2

  • captaindash

    "They're one size fits most adults"

    ?! I'm disappointed in you, GW. I can barely tie my own shoes, but even I don't mess up their and they're.

  • shashi

    im gonna jump in here before everyone begins the humiliation ritual and remind you that "they're" is an abbreviation for 'they are' (They are one size fits most). "Their" is a determiner used when referring to something that belongs to someone (Their slippers look nice) or as a gender neutral way of referring to a person or persons (what's their problem?). Also "there" is another homophone but has a different meaning to they're and their. EG: They're on their bikes and they're almost there. COMMENCE THE RITUAL

  • S.M. Archer

    Do want.

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