Clever Smartphone Animation Enabled Halloween Masks

October 15, 2014


This is a video highlighting a bunch of Halloween masks ($45 - $60) and t-shirts ($25 - $30) made to slip a smartphone (or tablet) into while playing a custom animation for ADDED SPOOKY EFFECT. You really just need to watch the video to understand. You can buy the masks and shirts at their website HERE and download the app for the animations HERE (Android) and HERE (Apple). Pretty clever, but I've already decided what I'm going to be for Halloween this year. "Arrested?" If last year is any indication, I should be eating ham and cheese jail sandwiches by the 29th.

Keep going for a worthwhile video of all the masks.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he tells trick-or-treaters he doesn't have any candy then asks for some of theirs to be able to give the next kids that come by. Then eats it and repeats.

  • MustacheHam


    That is all.

  • Yes. :) So cool. :);)

  • Fred

    It would certainly make calling for a cab after the party a lot more wholly disconcerting to watch than usual...

  • Pwnsauce

    "And within seconds you're wearing a normal t-shirt." Yea because wearing a t-shirt with a creepy doll on it is normal.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Nowadays I think it is.

  • Andrew Newton

    My very first thought was of the idiot who would forget to turn features off his phone while his screen is constantly faced away from him....
    Dude: "Hey babe, check out my costume!"

    Girlfriend: "oh that's fun.... is that a message from tina?!?!"

    Dude: "huh? oh shit, guess I forgot to turn off message alerts"

    Girlfiend: "You're disgusting, you monster!"

    Dude: "oh thanks, I hoped that would be the reacti...."

    Girlfriend: "FUCK YOU WE'RE THROUGH!"

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